Growing Opportunities: 

Work Integrated Learning opportunity for post-secondary students

Recruiting young people into agriculture jobs is an ongoing challenge for employers across the country. These agri-workforce gaps inevitably lead to lost sales, production delays, and stress across the entire value chain with no end in sight. CAHRC has heard the industry calling for creative solutions we and have partnered with the Government’s Student Work Placement (SWP) Program to put post-secondary students directly into employment opportunities in their communities.

Growing Opportunities will support Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities in the agriculture industry for agriculture and non-agriculture students. Employers in agriculture are encouraged to hire students from diverse academic backgrounds and qualify for a wage subsidy of up to $ 7500 per student. In addition, drawing from an expanded pool of candidates outside of traditional agriculture fields will bring innovation and creative solution to the sector and inspire under-represented groups such as women, Indigenous people, disabled people, and newcomers to engage in this exciting industry.  

CAHRC is excited to support the development of connections and networks among post-secondary students, institutions and employers and contribute towards preparing a job ready workforce. These networks will help bridge the gap between respective groups and create sustainable relationship for the future.  

Signing up to employ a student and applying for the wage subsidy is easy through the Magnet Outcome Campus Connect portal at

To get a full list of eligibility criteria please click hereFollow the
 simple steps below to access this great opportunity:  


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Nadee Imran, AgriTalent Program Manager at

Growing Our People: 

Learning about Agriculture in Canada through Business Case Competitions

Growing Our People is an exciting new way for post-secondary students in Canada to explore agriculture and careers around this sector. Recognizing the diversity and expanse of the Canadian agriculture industry CAHRC has designed an experiential learning opportunity through business case competitions. The business case competition will welcome students from all backgrounds and give them an insight of the skills and techniques that the diversified industry requires, thereby opening new doors of opportunities for them.  

CAHRC recognizes that each school has its unique approach towards problem solving techniques, therefore the project is designed to give each school the freedom to choose and design the competition in a way that allows their students optimum learning opportunity. The students and post-secondary institutions will be supported throughout this competition by an Advisory Group comprised of industry associations, industry leaders and educators to mentor and provide real time industry information to the students. The advisory group will mentor the students and provide them with real time information about the skills requirements in this sector.  

CAHRC believes that the relationships developed and nurtured during the course of this competition will prove to be an invaluable asset for the students moving forward. If you or your institution wants to be a part of a unique learning experience that also provides opportunities for an exciting career path, sign up here.  

To know about specific roles within the competition scroll below: