New Markets & Future Skills in Agriculture

This project examined emerging market opportunities in agriculture, and the skills and knowledge required of workers to enter these markets and their related technologies. The following elements defined the scope and activities of the project:

  • Identified three new markets which emphasize a strategic importance to Canada’s agriculture sector and its human resource needs, namely:
    • End customer-oriented businesses
    • Energy-oriented production chains
    • High-value production chains.
  • Identified the competency areas required to enter these new markets, namely: Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Business Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and Technical Skills.
  • Identified the training needs or gaps in current skills development and learning programs for agricultural employers and employees, as well as the educational community.

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This particular project was derived from the Labour Market Information project.  It forecasted emerging market opportunities as well as identified the gaps in skills and knowledge that impede the entrance into new markets in agriculture.