National Agricultural Occupational Framework & Labour Market Support

This project is specifically designed to clarify a variety of much needed information about core jobs in agriculture and leverage that information to build meaningful support tools to assist the sector to address its labour requirements and ensure the health and sustainability of Canada’s agricultural industry. 

Project Activities
This project will involve the development of a National Agricultural Occupational Framework and Labour Market Support Tools in the following manner:

National Agricultural Occupational Framework (NAOF): to capture detailed occupational information across levels of experience and across commodity areas within agriculture in a multi-layered reference tool for the industry. This project will result in detailed occupational information for: General Farm Labourer (entry), General Farm Worker (experienced), Farm Supervisor, & Farm Manager and include development of NOSs, Competency Profiles, Job Descriptions, as well as learning and qualification requirements for each of 40 roles. 

Labour Market Support Tools: to assist the agricultural industry to address its current workforce demands and ensure a qualified and stable future workforce through the following:

  • Agriculture Specific Competency Dictionary: to enable Canada's producers to use a competency-based approach to managing their resources (making hiring decisions, supporting training, managing performance). 
  • Agriculture-specific Learning/Training Needs Assessment Tools: to support individuals with understanding their skills gaps and planning their development by linking to available resources.
  • Agriculture-related Learning Resources: to build a library of relevant learning resources for each occupation and competency by topic and region (courses, books, conferences, workshops, e-learning, webinars, and websites).
  • Curriculum Review and Reform: to assist learning institutions to design or enhance their training programs to meet industry needs and occupational requirements.
  • Curricula / Learning Content for Key Areas: to support just-in-time learning needs of priority knowledge elements that cross occupations and commodity groups.
  • Job Matching Tools - Linking Employers with Job Seekers: to assist with critical labour shortages by leveraging all elements of the NAOF.
  • Student Intern Tools – Linking Student Interns with Employers: to support experiential learning opportunities and school-to-work transitions to address the labour shortage through the cultivation of interest and experience at the youth level, leveraging NOSs & NAOF.

Project Partners
The project will be accomplished as a collaborative, partnership based initiative working with key agricultural stakeholders, including Council Board organizations that represent all commodities and regions of Canada.

Expected Results and Outcomes
Our efforts to create nationally validated labour market intelligence for four critical roles that span all commodities within agriculture will clarify skill requirements and assist stakeholders in addressing the skills shortages facing the industry.