Identifying On-Farm Occupations

The objective of the project was to identify and define occupations and core skills specific to the on-farm sector across key commodity groups.

The project involved conducting a comprehensive review of existing information on occupations and the classification of work in primary agriculture and gathering information first hand from producers across the country about the work performed on their farms, and the skills, knowledge, experience and training that are required for this work. This information was used to develop two key documents:  a sector-specific grid of on-farm occupations and skill levels by commodity group and a description of each occupation, which outlines the tasks and responsibilities, as well as the knowledge and skills required to perform the job.

The following key documents are available in PDF format:

  1. Occupational Matrix of On-Farm Occupations (20" x 26" two-sided poster)  
  2. Descriptions of On-Farm Occupations
  3. Environmental Scan and Gap Analysis Report

The results of the project also include recommendations on key occupations that require essential skills and standards development, which may direct future projects by CAHRC.

The information gathered through this project will help farm employers recruit and retain long-term employees and recognize career advancement opportunities, generate greater awareness of employment opportunities in the sector and assist educators in addressing training gaps.