Agricultural Career Pathways

This project was developed to assist employers and employees in primary agriculture with career progression. The pathways will help farm workers make informed choices on the types of skills and knowledge to acquire, and will also be useful to students and foreign trained workers who are exploring their potential entry into the on-farm sector.

This project will develop a series of agricultural career pathways for key on-farm occupations, along with their associated credentials and competency profiles.

In order to carry out this project, the following steps are required:

  • Select key on-farm occupations based on the results of the Identification of On-Farm Occupations project
  • Identify necessary credentials to carry out these occupations
  • Develop competency profiles, map similarities in the occupations and draft career pathways.


The project was identified as a priority during consultations with industry and education stakeholders.  Agricultural Career Pathways was brought to life as a result of the following CAHRC projects:

  • Labour market needs from the Labour Market Information projects;
  • Educational programs and credentials from and ;
  • Up-to-date occupational descriptions from the Identifying On-Farm Occupations project.   

Virtual agricultural career pathways tool