Supporting the Advancement of Women in Agriculture

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council proposes to work in partnership with key stakeholders within the agricultural community to examine and address critical barriers to advancement facing women in the industry. The purpose of this initiative is to engage women and stakeholders within the agriculture community to develop and implement a strategic program to support improved access to leadership opportunities and strengthen business success for women working in agriculture. 

Project Activities
The project will involve a comprehensive assessment of the current situation facing women in agriculture. Using a gender lens, the assessment will explore the contribution of women to the industry, the barriers they experience, priority options for improvements, and the effectiveness of current services. This will inform the development of the following program and its elements: 

Supporting Women in Agricultural Leadership Program

  • Supporting Women in Agricultural Leadership Site - an online resource designed to capture and disseminate all related information for the women in agriculture community, including links to available leadership position opportunities and leadership training options.
  • Supporting Women in Agricultural Leadership Network – the site will include a networking component to facilitate information exchange and professional development.
  • Supporting Women in Agricultural Leadership Suite - a series of instructive reference materials to support increased advancement opportunities for women. This suite will include guides, checklists, templates and supporting webinars for Boards and training institutions to improve the accessibility of opportunities for women.
    • Is Your Board Representative - A Best Practice Guide to Ensuring Women Aren’t Excluded
    • Is Your Training Program Representative - A Best Practice Guide to Ensuring Women Aren’t Excluded
  • Pilot Test – pre & post-test assessment with an agricultural association and training organization to support improvement

Project Partners
This project will be conducted as a partnership based initiative with extensive support and contribution from national and regional associations supporting the agricultural sector, training and education providers, and women’s groups. The work will also involve gathering input and feedback directly from women working in agriculture, and the support of an Advisory Group of professionals representing key stakeholders to oversee the project activities and ensure meaningful results. 

Expected Results and Outcomes
Through this project, organizations will have access to specific tools and reference materials to guide them in removing barriers while supporting women’s participation in senior leadership roles. Additionally, training and educational organizations will be given assistance to support increased enrolment and graduation rates of female students. Finally, women will have access to a one-stop, credible forum for reference material, information exchange, networking & opportunities to support their career success. 

Through the commitment and involvement of our project partners, along with stakeholders throughout the agricultural industry, this initiative will address critical barriers to advancement facing women. This project and the resulting strategic Supporting Women in Agricultural Leadership program will promote improved access to leadership learning and position opportunities for female agricultural workers.