AgriLMI: Agricultural Labour Market Information

Canada’s agriculture sector is poised for growth, as the global market for Canadian agricultural products rapidly expands. However, the sector faces significant labour challenges that could jeopardize its growth potential and its contribution to the national economy.

In 2014, 26,400 jobs went unfilled in Canada's agriculture sector, which cost the sector $1.5 billion in lost revenues, or 2.7% of product sales. In every province and across every commodity, labour shortages impact today’s production levels and tomorrow’s growth potential.

The Labour Market Information (LMI) initiative explored the sector’s labour challenges by examining the current labour market and developing data-driven projections of the sector’s labour supply and demand through to 2025. This information has been made available through a series of national, provincial, and commodity-specific reports and fact sheets that can be downloaded on this site.

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Download the following reports here:

National Report / National Factsheet 

Apiculture Report

Aquaculture Report / Aquaculture Factsheet

Beef Report / Beef Factsheet 

Dairy Report / Dairy Factsheet 

Field Fruit and Vegetable ReportField Fruit and Vegetable Factsheet

Grain and Oilseed Report / Grain and Oilseed Factsheet

Greenhouse, Nursery, and Floriculture Report / Greenhouse, Nursery, and Floriculture Factsheet

Poultry and Egg Report / Poultry and Egg Factsheet

Sheep and Goat Report 

Swine Report / Swine Factsheet 

Tree Fruit and Vine Report / Tree Fruit and Vine Factsheet


Alberta Report / Alberta Factsheet

British Columbia Report / British Columbia Factsheet

Manitoba Report / Manitoba Factsheet

New Brunswick Report / New Brunswick Factsheet

Newfoundland Report / Newfoundland Factsheet

Nova Scotia Report / Nova Scotia Factsheet

Ontario Report / Ontario Factsheet

Prince Edward Island Report / Prince Edward Island Factsheet

Quebec Report / Quebec Factsheet

Saskatchewan Report / Saskatchewan Factsheet


Cost of Turnover Calculator

It can be hard to figure out how much it costs your business every time an employee leaves. Enter your information in the Cost of Turnover Calculator to estimate the financial cost of each employee departure.

Benchmarking Tool

Employee turnover is a costly issue for farms across Canada. See how your turnover compares to the agricultural benchmark by entering your numbers in the online Benchmarking Tool.