The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council

Overview:  Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council
The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) is a national, non-profit organization focused on addressing human resource issues facing agricultural businesses across Canada.

Vision: A qualified and motivated workforce that is sufficient to sustain profitable agriculture in Canada.

Mission: Develop solutions to support the HR management needs of agriculture

Mandate: The centre for reliable agriculture research such as labour market information and the access point for customizable solutions related to HR management and training carried to the grass-roots level.

Industry Participation
Industry participation is the cornerstone of the Canadian Ag HR Council. Direction and guidance for all activities are provided by a large, nationally representative Board of Directors that includes agricultural leaders within and across various commodity groups. Additionally, all research, project work and product development activities are supported by national stakeholder participation to ensure quality, accuracy and relevance of prepared solutions. Stakeholders include employers, employees, youth, associations, education, and government at regional, provincial and national levels.

Products and Services
Currently, CAHRC offers a number of important products and services designed to ensure effective and efficient management of the human resources required for agricultural operational success. The Council offers extensive HR management tools, guides, training and templates that provide practical assistance for agricultural job seekers, new entrants, skilled workers, supervisors, employers, and educational institutions.

 CAHRC Research Initiatives

1.       Labour Market Information (LMI): Agricultural Supply and Demand Forecast Model

This three-year project is defining a labour market information supply and demand model that will provide an overview of the current agricultural labour market and forecast labour supply and demand, provincially, nationally and by commodity. The project is identifying labour and skill gaps, and investigating opportunities and barriers to participation among population groups that have been traditionally under-represented in the agricultural workforce (e.g. Aboriginal peoples, new Canadians, older workers).

 2.       National Agricultural Occupational Framework (NAOF) and Labour Market Support

This project is clarifying a variety of much needed information about core jobs in agriculture and leveraging that information to build meaningful support tools to assist the sector to address its labour requirements and ensure the health and sustainability of Canada’s agricultural industry.  It is an in-depth study of the exact jobs and skills involved in today’s agricultural workforce.

 3.       Agriculture and Agri-Food Workforce Action Plan (WAP)

The Labour Task Force (LTF) was established by the Agriculture and Agri-Food (AAFC) Value Chain Roundtables in 2012 to examine issues of agriculture and agri-food labour management and shortages. It functions as a solution-oriented forum made up of industry representatives from across Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector. The Agriculture and Agri-Food Workforce Action Plan initiative is being led by the Council to ensure implementation of documented recommendations by the LTF. The recommendations include short, medium and long term solutions to address the critical labour shortages facing the industry.

 4.       Supporting the Advancement of Women in Agriculture (SAWA)

This project is examining and addressing critical barriers to advancement facing women in the industry. The purpose of this initiative is to engage women and stakeholders within the agriculture community to develop and implement a strategic program to support improved access to leadership opportunities and strengthen business success for women working in agriculture.

 The Canadian Ag HR Council is your one-stop shop for agricultural HR needs: The access point for customizable solutions related to agricultural HR management and training.